The 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time : Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful


Having been invited to come to Jesus, the bread of life, let us now confidently place our needs before the Father.


Let us pray for all the priests of our diocese;
May God strengthen them in the spirit to carry out his work. 

Lord, hear us. 

May we be continually challenged by the Grace of God to put off our old, selfish ways
and follow more closely the way of Christ.

Lord, hear us. 

May Christ comfort all who face persecution because of their faith,
through the prayerful and compassionate support of his Body, the Church.

Lord, hear us.

For the sick, especially the sick members of our families and community,
that they may be nourished in Body and in Soul, by Christ the living Bread .
Lord, hear us.

For those who have died, especially those who died without hope or in pain,
that through Christ, the Bread of life, they may live for ever.

Lord, hear us.

Let us commend ourselves and all God’s people living and dead to the intercession of our Blessed Lady as we say, Hail Mary...

We make our private petitions in silence.

Heavenly Father, we place all our hope in your power.
Answer our needs voiced in faith
and in the hope of your mercy.
We ask this through Jesus Christ, the living bread,
Who dwells with you for ever and ever.

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