The Solemnity of All Saints : Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful


Supported by the prayers of all the saints, let us make intercession for ourselves and for all the faithful.



For our Holy Father, Pope Francis, for all the bishops, and for those who exercise authority and ministry in the Church, that they may remain vigilant and watchful, preparing the Church for the day of Christ’s return.

Lord, in your mercy.


For Saints who are persecuted for the name of Christ,

especially those in the Middle East; that God may come to their aid and give them strength to overcome their difficulties.   

Lord, in your mercy.


For the sick and retired priests of our diocese and for those who care for them.  We give thanks and pray in particular for the work of the Johnson Association and for Aston Hall in Stone. 

Lord, in your mercy.


We pray in this month of November, for all the holy souls.  

May the Lord greet them with love and mercy 

and grant them the blessings of his kingdom. 

Lord, in your mercy.


We turn now to our Lady, Queen of all Saints, and ask for her intercession as we say: Hail Mary… 


Let us now pray for our own needs and requests to the Lord in a time of silent prayer.




Loving Father, listen to our petitions and grant us what we need, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

31st Sunday of the Year : Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful

31st Sunday of the Year

The Priest says:

Let us pray for the whole Church of God in Christ Jesus, and for all people according to their needs.


We pray to God, the creator and preserver of all mankind, for people of every race, and in every kind of need; May he make his ways known on earth, and his saving power among all nations. Lord, hear us.

We pray for the Church throughout the world, May the Lord guide and govern us by his Holy Spirit, that all who profess and call themselves Christians may be led into the way of truth, and hold the faith in the unity of Spirit, in the bond of peace and righteousness of life. Lord, hear us.

We pray for those in need and those who care for them, We commend to God’s fatherly goodness all who are anxious or distressed in mind or body; may he comfort and relieve them in their need; give them patience in their sufferings, and bring good out of their troubles. Lord, hear us.

We pray for the faithful departed, May God hear us as we pray for those who have died in the peace of Christ, those who have confessed the faith, and those whose faith is known to him alone, that he may grant us with them a share in his eternal kingdom. Lord, hear us. 

Let us ask Our Lady to pray for us. Hail Mary … 
In silence, let us make our private intentions to God our Father.

The priest concludes the prayers:

Almighty God, to whom our needs are known before we ask, help us ask only what accords with your will; and those good things which we dare not, or in our blindness cannot ask, grant us for the sake of your son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time : Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful

Bidding Prayers for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

We trust and hope in the goodness of the Lord, and we bring to Him our needs and the needs of the Church.


For all who work for and support the missions both at home and abroad. 
[We thank God for all the wonderful work that CAFOD and Survive Miva undertake on behalf of the Catholic Community.]

Lord, hear us.

As Bartimeus cried out with courage to the Lord,
may we also be prompted by God’s grace to speak boldly in faith, truth and justice.
Lord, hear us.

As the dark nights are now upon us;

may the Lord grant us comfort, protection and his kindly light.

Lord, hear us.

That our eyes may be opened to see more clearly the dignity of every human life,
whether healthy or sick, convenient or inconvenient, born or unborn.

Lord, hear us.

As we continually pray for those who are sick or housebound
may they be comforted by the Lord’s abiding presence.

Lord, hear us.

As we pray for those who have died,
may they know the peace of the heavenly kingdom in the company of the angels and saints.

Lord, hear us.

Let us ask Our Lady, to bring our prayers before the presence of the Father as we say: Hail Mary … 

We make our own petitions in silence.

God our loving Father,
we pray that you will accept these prayers
in the name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.