Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time : Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful


The Lord is our salvation; he will surely hear our cry for help for all in need.


For all who have been called by Christ to serve the world as his followers,
may their enthusiasm set us all on fire with his love.

Lord, in your mercy.

For all Migrants fleeing persecution and oppression – for greater sympathy and understanding and less hatred against them in their desperate plight.
Lord, in your mercy.

For all who care for children – parents, grandparents and teachers, and for those involved in fostering and adoption - that all children may be loved and cherished. Lord, in your mercy.

For the sick, the worried, the tempted, and all suffering any form of deprivation. Help us all, through the intercession of St Vincent De Paul, to come to their aid, as their brothers and sisters in Christ.
Lord, in your mercy.

For those whose have died, especially those who have died violently, suddenly and unprepared in this past week: may the Lord comfort their families, and may they rest in his eternal peace.
Lord, in your mercy.

We ask Our Blessed Lady to help us with our prayers as we say: Hail Mary...

In silence we bring our own intentions to God the almighty Father.

Loving Father, we have offered you our prayers;
grant that what we need
we may obtain
through Christ Our Lord. Amen.