29th June 2007 Ss Peter & Paul

Priest: Jesus entrusted his church to the leadership
of the apostles. On this feast of St Peter and St Paul, let us ask the risen Lord to send his spirit on his Church today.

Reader: 1. Let us pray for our Pope Benedict XVI
and for all who are called to the service
of responsibility and authority in the Church.
May they recognize their weaknesses and rely
on the strength of the true rock who is Christ.
Lord hear us

2. Let us pray for an apostolic spirit in the Church,
looking outward to the whole of humanity.
Let us pray for courage and integrity
that the Church may speak the truth in love.
Lord hear us

3. Let us pray for charity, understanding and
a sense of proportion, when groups of Christians disagree.
Lord hear us

4. May the Holy Spirit bless us with his gifts
of courage, understanding and patience,
that, whatever difficulties we face,
we may always trust in the goodness
and loving mercy of God.
Lord hear us

Let us ask the prayers of Mary who persevered in faith through all her sorrows. Hail Mary.

Let us pray in silence for all our needs,

Priest: Father, we thank you for the example of the apostles
and ask for the grace to spread
the Good News of Jesus Christ as they did.
We make our prayers through the same Jesus Christ.