Easter 3 : The Universal Prayer / Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful

Third Sunday of Easter (A)



In today's Gospel we hear how when Jesus broke the bread, the disciples' eyes were opened and they recognised him. Let us pray that our eyes, too, may be opened to God's infinite love 



For Pope Francis. May all our church leaders aspire to integrity and deep faith and lead us forward into a bright future. 

Lord, in your mercy    


For Peace in our troubled world, especially for those who suffer in places of violence and conflict. May Christ's love touch them with courage and safety.

Lord, in your mercy 


Let us pray for all who feel lost and uncared for

that the Lord will again show compassion to those who have wandered from him, 

and empower us to lead others to his presence.

Lord, in your mercy.


For all who have died and especially those whose anniversaries occur at this time.  

May they rest in peace with Christ and rise with him in glory. 

Lord, in your mercy .


We turn in prayer to Our Lady, ask her to join her prayers with ours as we say. 

Hail Mary …


Silently we pray for our own intentions.



Almighty God, 

by whose Spirit the the Church is sanctified and governed,

hear our humble prayers, 

that by the gift of your grace, 

we all may serve you faithfully.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Divine Mercy Sunday : The Universal Prayer / Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful

Bidding Prayers: Divine Mercy Sunday



Let us turn to God asking for all our needs and the needs of the Church and of all mankind.



For Pope Francis.  May he draw the whole Church closer to the mercy of Jesus who enabled the apostle Thomas to move from his doubt to complete faith in Jesus, our Lord and God.

Lord in your mercy


For unbelievers and doubters: 

through our witness to the joy of Easter, may come to faith and trust in the merciful love of God.

Lord in your mercy


For politicians throughout the world: 

in their policies and their decisions may they be in inspired by God’s loving mercy for all people. 

Lord in your mercy


For persecuted Christians:  

May they be aware of the prayers of the whole Church 

and experience the merciful presence of the Risen Lord 

Lord in your mercy


For all who have died: 

May the Lord grant eternal rest to all the departed: especially those who have no-one to pray for them.   

Lord in your mercy


Let us ask Our Lady to join her prayers to ours as we say - Hail Mary


In silence let us bring our own intentions to God.



Almighty God, in your great mercy, we ask you to answer all our prayers which we make in faith through Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.