Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time : Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful

Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

We now turn to Christ, the Good Shepherd, who inspires us with faith, hope and love, and ask him to listen to our prayers with compassion and gentleness.

May the Good Shepherd heal all divisions, bring back all who have fallen and call all people of good will into greater unity. 
Lord in your mercy.

May the Lord bless us in our resting and our prayer, that we may be revived in strength and hope in his presence. 

Lord in your mercy.

For those who God has blessed with the skills to care for the sick, to comfort the dying, care for prisoners, to befriend the lonely and work with the depressed, desperate and down-trodden. May he continue to bless and guide the work of their hearts and hands. 

Lord in your mercy. 

For those going on holiday and for all travellers, that the Lord will keep them safe in their journeying and refresh them in spirit.
Lord in your mercy.

We turn now to Mary, the Mother of our Lord, and ask her to intercede for all God’s people, living and dead, as we say together: Hail Mary…

Let us now pray silently for our private needs and intentions.

God our Father, 
loving shepherd of your sheep, 
hear our prayers and look upon us with kindness and compassion
As we call on you with faith and hope 
in the name of Jesus your Son. Amen


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