Easter 6: Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful


We give thanks to Christ our Lord, who loves and cares for us and turn to Him in trust as we pray.


For the church – that inspired by the Holy Spirit she may continue to demonstrate in words and actions the love of Christ to all peoples. Lord in your mercy,

For missionaries – may they be guided by the Holy Spirit as they proclaim the Good News to our brothers and sisters who live in ignorance of His saving love. Lord in your mercy.

For those Christians persecuted for their faith – may they be comforted in this Easter season by the One who suffered for all on the cross. Lord in your mercy.

For ourselves - That through the Holy Spirit we may be granted the wisdom to follow Christ’s command to love one another and see Him in all whom we meet in our daily lives. Lord in your mercy.

For those who are ill at this time, especially members of our parish – may they experience Christ’s healing love. Lord in your mercy.

For the holy souls – may we and all who have died follow where He has led and find hope in His glory. Lord in your mercy.

We turn to Mary, the Mystical Rose, and seek her intercession as we say Hail Mary

In the silence of our hearts we bring our own needs and intentions to the Lord


Father you sent Jesus to show us how to live and care for each other, accept these prayers we offer in the name of Christ your Son our Lord. Amen

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