Easter 5: Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful


He is the vine and we are the branches. Drawing strength from his love, let us present our needs to our Father.


We pray for the Church that she may continue to make Jesus known to the world through words of hope and works of love. Lord, hear us

We pray for our bishops, priests and deacons that they may be fruitful branches of Jesus, the life-giving vine, and that they may never fail to proclaim the Gospel even in the face of adversity or trial Lord, hear us.

Let us pray for the sick and those who care for them: that Christ may be the cornerstone of their lives and a firm hope in times of trouble. Lord, hear us.

For those who have died, especially those whose anniversaries occur at this time, may they be granted the fullness of life and joy in heaven. Lord, hear us.

With Mary, who already shares in the resurrection, we pray, Hail Mary ...

Now, let us make our private petitions to our heavenly Father.


Heavenly Father, the vine grower, we ask that your Spirit may work in and through us to make us branches that bear much fruit for your kingdom. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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