Christmas Day : Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayers of the Faithful


In Christmas joy and hope, let us present all our needs to God with confidence.

We pray for the church, for all deacons, priests and bishops: bless them and strengthen them for your service, that they may faithfully proclaim the Good News of salvation. 
Lord in your mercy,

We pray for all those serving our country in the armed services at home and abroad. We pray also for peace in the world that nations may resolve their conflicts by giving themselves over to Christ, the Prince of Peace.
Lord in your mercy,

We pray for all those who are travelling at this time that they may arrive safely to join their families, loved ones and friends to celebrate the birth of our Saviour.
Lord in your mercy,

Let us pray for those who will find it difficult to celebrate Christmas: the poor, the sick, the depressed, prisoners, armed forces, seafarers and other migrant workers and all who are separated from their families at this time. 
Lord in your mercy,

We pray for those who have died and all those for whom Christmas sharpens the loss of loved ones                                        (pause) Lord in your mercy,

Let us ask Mary, the Mother of our Saviour, to pray with us as we say -
Hail Mary...

We now pray in silence for a few moments to God our Father who is always ready to
hear our prayers.


Father, the birth of your Son renews our hope.
As you answer all our prayers,
give us grace always to bear witness to him
before the world.
For he is Lord forever and ever.  Amen.

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