Advent 3: Bidding Prayers / Prayers of the Faithful / Intercessions for the Third Sunday of Advent (Year B)


The Lord is near! In a spirit of joy we bring our needs to him.


We pray for Pope Benedict, all bishops, priests, deacons and religious: may all the church use this time profitably joining in prayer and acts of penitence to prepare for the coming of the Lord. Lord, in your mercy

We pray for our world: for mercy and justice for rich and poor alike, for freedom from tyranny and oppression and for a time of peace and tranquillity for all peoples. Lord, in your mercy

Let us pray for those suffering from physical or emotional pain and for all who are weighed down with worry, guilt or despair that in this season of hope they may be restored and comforted.   Lord, in your mercy

We pray for our families and friends, those who have helped us in our lives and those who help to build up our parish community; may the joys of this holy season draw us all closer together.   Lord, in your mercy

Let us commend ourselves and all God's people, living and dead, to the intercession of Our Blessed Lady, the glorious and ever virgin Mother of God  as we say - Hail Mary.

Let us now pray in the silence of our hearts, remembering those who need our prayers.


Heavenly Father, we ask you to listen to our petitions and generously heed our humble prayers, through Christ Our Lord. Amen.


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