intercesssions 9th September 2007

Priest: My brothers and sisters, let us ask the Lord to free us
from all obstacles that keep us from following Christ,
not only material things but clinging to our families, friends, their
good opinion of us, our reputations and our successes.
May we be given the grace to trust in Him for all our needs.

Reader: 1. Let us pray for the Church in the Western World
that it may be a strong and clear witness to Christ.
We ask the Holy Spirit to help us to make a stand against
the materialistic, self-interested elements in our society.
Lord hear us

2 Let us pray for racial justice in the world,
We pray for the victims of racial hatred wherever it occurs.
May the Lord bless and guide those who are working for peaceful
resolutions to the problems that divide people,
and enlighten the minds of those
who are blinded by prejudice and hatred.
Lord hear us

3. Let us pray for doctors, nurses, paramedic, technicians, research
scientists, carers and for all who work to help the sick in this
Lord, hear us

4. Let us pray for all the priests who have served this parish in the
past, and for the laity who have contributed to its life,
We ask the Lord to bless and guide our present parish community so
that we may all be witnesses to the Gospel
Lord hear us

May the prayers of Mary support us through all our anxieties.
Hail Mary

Let us pray in silence for all our needs,

Priest: Heavenly Father,
we pray that nothing should come between you and us.
Keep us close to you in all we do.
We make our prayers in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

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