The Twenty-fifth Sunday of the Year (23rd September 2007)

Priest:     We are called as Christians
to be upholders of justice and peace
in a world which has its values out of focus.
We make our prayers to God our Father
for all the spiritual and social needs of this time.

Reader:     1. Let us pray for everyone who works to bring the message of salvation to those who are ignorant or indifferent.
May each parish community be empowered
to spread the Good News to the people in its area.
Lord hear us

2. We thank the Lord for the work of others,
from which we have benefited.
We pray for those who have had difficulties
in bringing in a harvest and ask the Lord to help those
whose livelihoods, and even lives, have been threatened
by adverse conditions
Lord hear us

3. Let us pray for those who are slaves to money,
through love of material things, gambling or debt.
Lord hear us

4. May the Lord help us to avoid
such complacency in our own financial security
that we grow unaware of the needs of others.
Lord hear us

Let us ask Our Lady to help us
to keep our attention fixed on her Son.
Hail Mary

In a few moments of silence let us place all our concerns before the Lord

Priest:    Father, make us concerned for the needs of others,
as in our own need we make our prayers to you
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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