The Assumption of Our Lady (August 15th)

Priest:    Today, as we celebrate the assumption of Mary into heaven,
        we in the Church on earth make our prayers for the needs
        of the church and the world to God our loving Father.

Reader:    1. Let us pray for the Church throughout the world
        that it may follow Mary's example of humble service.
We pray especially for the missionary church.
                                    Lord hear us

        2. Let us pray for all Christian mothers
that they may bring up their children
to know their heavenly Father and that they may joyfully teach them of God's love.                                                Lord hear us

3. Let us pray for all those who care for and love
their disturbed or handicapped children.
                            Lord hear us

4. May God bless all those who use this church to pray,
to search or simply rest. May He grant them the gift of peace
                            Lord hear us

We praise God with our Lady, saying "The Lord has done marvels for me".

We ask her help in prayer as we sing the Salve Regina

In a few moments of silence let us place all our concerns before the Lord

Priest:    Lord, you gave Mary the strength to stand
beneath the cross of Jesus,
and you filled her with joy at his resurrection.
May we share her strength and come to share her present glory
        We make all our prayers through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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