Christ the King / 34th Sunday : Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful

Intercessions for Christ the King



As we acknowledge Christ our Lord and King, let us offer these prayers and petitions to the Father in His name.



We pray for Pope Francis, that the warmth and mercy seen in him, in his words and in his actions, may inspire all in the Church to live with the same spirit as they strive to love God and to love their neighbour.

Lord in your mercy, 


For parents: especially those within our own parish. We ask God to help them in the daily routine of bringing up their children with gentle discipline, promoting their education, and teaching them to know and love Him as their Father and friend. Lord in your mercy 


For those suffering hardship and financial difficulties, the sick and housebound of our parish and all those whose worries seem insurmountable that they may be comforted. Lord in your mercy


For Christian communities around the world who face widespread violence and suffering, especially those Christians in Iraq and Syria. 

Lord in your mercy


For those who have died. May God give them peace, and sustain their families and friends that they may find solace in the certainty of their continued life with Him. Lord in your mercy


We ask that Mary, Mother of God, pray with us as we say, Hail Mary …


Let us pray silently for our own intentions.



Father, you call us to be part of your kingdom of which Christ is King. We make our prayers to you with trust in his loving rule, for he reigns for ever and ever.  Amen.

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