Second Sunday in Ordinary Time: Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful

We're back!


We turn to God in prayer for the needs of the Church and the world.


For all Christian Churches and especially those in our own area.
By witnessing together to the Gospel values of love and forgiveness may the churches be led to ever-greater unity in faith and life.
Lord, in your mercy ...

For peace in the world, especially in Algeria and in Mali, that nations may resolve their conflicts by giving themselves over to Christ, the Prince of Peace.
Lord, in your mercy.

During this spell of bad weather let us pray for those working in the emergency services, and for the elderly and for those living alone.
Lord, in your mercy ...

For justice in the world, justice, especially for the poor and helpless, that we, members of the richer nations, may be generous with all that we have, materially and spiritually.
Lord, in your mercy ...

For those we know who are sick, and those who have died, especially in our own community and families. May God bless them, and us.
Lord, in your mercy ...

We offer our prayers to the Father through the intercession of the Mother of God, as we say, Hail Mary…

Let us now pray for a moment in silence


God, our loving Father, we ask you to listen to all our prayers which we make in faith, and in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, who is Lord for ever and ever. Amen

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