3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time C: Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful


God hears the prayers of the poor and humble. Confident in his infinite goodness let us pray:


For all members of the Church: may we be led by the example and teaching of Christ to show love for the poor. Lord, hear us.

For those in government: may they show a true concern for the less privileged in society and strive to remove burdens from them. Lord, hear us.

For students, that the Spirit of God may grant them the gifts of wisdom of understanding. Lord, hear us.

For teachers, that they may share their knowledge with gentleness, patience, and concern for their students. Lord, hear us.

For those in the parish who most need to experience Christ's healing power: that by our encouragement and example they have the humility and strength to approach him in the sacraments. Lord, hear us.

For all those who have died, especially for Agnes Taylor who died on Friday: may the Lord give them a place at his banquet in heaven. Lord, hear us.

Let us join our prayers with those of Mary as we say Hail Mary

Let us now pray for a moment in silence.


God, Father of the poor, we thank you for all you have given us. Enable us, by your Holy Spirit, to be generous with others, as you are generous with us. We make our prayers through Christ our Lord.

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