Lent 3: Intercessions / Bidding Prayers / Prayer of the Faithful


Let us now turn as a Community to God, asking Him for his heavenly blessings on our prayers.


For the Church; through the holiness of the lives of Christians, may all people come to know God’s unconditional love for them.         Lord in your mercy...

For all law-makers throughout the world; may they enact laws that are just and which respect the gift of human life, especially the rights and dignity of the unborn, the sick and the elderly.           Lord in your mercy...

For all who are preparing for baptism or full communion with the Catholic Church at Easter. May these weeks of Lent bring about deeper faith and prayer. Lord in your mercy...

We bring all our prayers to Mary, beloved Mother of God, as we say ...Hail Mary.


Dear Lord, hear all our prayers,made with love and with certainty of your holy blessing, through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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