Lent 2: Intercessions / Bidding Prayers / Prayer of the Faithful

Intercessions for the Second Sunday of Lent.


Let us turn our thoughts and prayers to God, asking him for the needs of our community and our world.


Let us pray that through the Church the glory of Christ transfigured may make our world into a place alive with wonder and joy. Lord in your mercy

This week has seen the CAFOD Fast Day. We in this "first world" have so much, which we take so much for granted. May God help us to remember those not blessed with clean water and abundant food, and to give generously to the underprivileged and the needy. 
Lord in your mercy

Our world is often a violent place. Let us pray for the people of Homm, suffering so dreadfully, and for the people working to bring peace to Syria. Lord in your mercy

We pray for the sick in our parish, that they may be healed 
Lord in your mercy

Let us pray for ourselves and for our parish community, may we have the understanding to hear God’s call to us and the courage to follow it. 
Lord in your mercy

Let us pray for those who have died especially those who have died recently. May they see the face of Christ forever.   Lord in your mercy…

We bring all our prayers to God's Holy Mother, as we say Hail Mary

May God and our Lady hear all our prayers. May He, in his infinite goodness, bless us all. We make this prayer in his holy name. Amen. 

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