Trinity Sunday: Bidding Prayers / Intercessions

Priest:  As we are now gathered together here in God’s love, let us bring our petitions before Him.


We pray for all those who teach, preach and lead the Christian faith.  May they be effective in their words and actions so that the Word of God will take root and flourish in the lives of those around them                               (pause) Lord in your mercy

We pray for the young people of our parish, and all who influence their lives.  May they be nurtured and supported to realise their full potential.

(pause) Lord in your mercy

We pray for all who are taking examinations.  May they work hard, apply themselves well and handle the outcomes with good grace.

(pause) Lord in your mercy

For all those who have died: may the Lord give them a place at his banquet in heaven.

(pause) Lord in your mercy

We now join our prayers with those of our Blessed Mother Mary as we say Hail Mary

Let us spend a few moments in silent prayer.


Merciful Father, we pray that You will accept these prayers which we make in the power of the Spirit and in the name of Your Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ.


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