Pentecost : Bidding Prayers / Intercessions

As we are gathered together here in hope and in faith, let us ask our Father in heaven to minister to our needs.

Let us pray for our church leaders, that they will be guided in their ministry by the influence of the Holy Spirit
​Lord in your mercy

Let us pray for our parish communities, that each of us will be open to the opportunities to give of our individual talents enabling each parish to flourish as a witness to the "One Body" of the church ​Lord in your mercy

Let us pray for all who are adversely affected by the downturn in the world's economy, particularly those who are unemployed. May they be patient and persevere as they strive to support those for whom they are responsible.
​Lord in your mercy

Let us pray for all those who are sick, that the Lord may guide them and strengthen them through their illness. We pray also for those who care for the sick, those engaged in the caring professions and for family members who look after loved ones and especially for children who care for parents.
​Lord in your Mercy.

For all those who have died: may the Lord give them a place at his banquet in heaven. ​Lord in your Mercy.

Let us ask Mary to intercede for us as we say Hail Mary

Let us spend a few moments in silent prayer.

Father, we pray that you will listen to our prayers that we make in the name of your son, Our Lord Jesus

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