3rd Sunday of Lent 11th March 2007

3rd Sunday of Lent 11th March 2007

Priest: Lord God, our light and our salvation,
help us to meet you in prayer, to walk in your ways.
Knowing that you respond generously to us,
we turn to you with our needs and prayers.

Reader: 1. We pray for the Church that, through the holiness of the lives of Christians, all people may come to know
God's unconditional love for them. (Pause)
Lord in your mercy. ..

2. We pray for all law-makers throughout the world;
may they enact laws that are just
and which respect the gift of human life,
especially the rights and dignity of the unborn,
the sick and the elderly. (Pause)
Lord in your mercy...

3. We pray for the problems of people in North Staffordshire
especially for those connected with health, education, employment and social integration.
May we grow as an active and caring community. (Pause)
Lord in your mercy...

4. We pray for this parish community;
may Lent give us the opportunity to choose a simpler life-style, based on prayer, fasting and almsgiving,
and to grow in awareness of the needs of others.
We pray for the sick and housebound of our parish,
and for all who visit and bring them Holy Communion (Pause) Lord in your mercy...

May Mary, Mother of the Church join her prayers to ours as we pray, Hail Mary...

In a moment of silent prayer let us bring our own personal intentions to the Lord.

Priest: Father, we thank you for your Son and we acknowledge him, with gratitude, as the Saviour of the world.
We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen

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