2nd Sunday of Lent 4th March 2007

2nd Sunday of Lent 4th March 2007

Priest: Lord God, our light and our salvation,
we thank you for the desire that you have planted in our hearts, our yearning to see your face.
With trust and confidence we come before you in prayer.

Reader: 1. May the glory of Christ proclaimed by the Church be a constant source of wonder and joy for the whole world.
We pray for our diocesan family; for Archbishop Vincent and bishops Philip, David and William, and for all priests, deacons, religious, and lay men and women.
May we catch a glimpse of the glory of God in each other.
(Pause) Lord, in your mercy. ..

2. We pray for all the children of Abraham, for Jews, Christians and Muslims; that we may all recognise our common belief in the one God, treat each other with dignity and respect, and seek ways to work together.
(Pause) Lord, in your mercy. ..

3. We pray for the needy and hungry of the world,
and for the development and relief work of CAFOD.
May the Friday Fast Day serve to remind us of the call to live more simply and put our faith into action.
(Pause) Lord, in your mercy. ..

4. For ourselves that, by prayer, fasting and almsgiving,
and by living more simply,
we may build up our homes as holy places.
(Pause) Lord in your mercy...

May Mary, who was always responsive to the Word of God, join her prayers to ours as we pray, Hail Mary.. .

In silence, let us bring our own personal intentions to the Lord.

Priest: Father, enable us to see, as Abraham did,
the wonder of your promise.
Give us the courage to take the paths which lead to eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.

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