3rd Sunday of the Year 21st January 2007

Intercessions 3rd Sunday of the Year 21st January 2007

Priest: We are members of the family of God.
Each of us has something to give
and we each need to receive.
Let us place our gifts and our needs
before our heavenly father.

Reader: 1. Let us pray for all Christians that we may put Jesus Christ
at the centre of our lives and, through love for him,
may we come to understand and forgive each other
for the wrongs and divisions of the past.
May the Lord give us the grace to work together
to show his glory to the world.
Lord in your mercy

2. We pray for the Christian communities in this area
that they be active in their mission
and witness to God’s love in a materialistic society.
Lord in your mercy

3. We pray for the millions of people in the world
who do not have enough food, safe water and medical care.
We pray that they may have justice and compassion.
Lord in your mercy

4. We pray for our parish community
that we may each use our gifts to serve each other.
Lord in your mercy

We ask Mary, our model of gentleness and care for others,
to pray for us Hail Mary

Let us pray for a few moments in silence

Priest: Father, we are united with you and each other
through your son, our saviour.
Help us to follow him more perfectly.
We make our prayers in his name, Jesus Christ our Lord.

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