2nd Sunday of the Year 14th January 2007

Intercessions 2nd Sunday of the Year 14th January 2007

Priest: The scripture readings show the Lord’s love for his people
and his power to provide for their needs.
Trusting in them, we bring the problems of the world
and the Church and our own needs before him in prayer.

Reader: 1. We pray that all Christians may join in witnessing
to the power, the glory and the infinite love of the Lord manifested to the Church as his bride.
May he be the beginning and the end and at the heart
of all that we do in his name.
Lord hear us.

2. Let us pray for peace of Christ in the world.
May the Spirit help and guide those statesmen
who have the power to choose peaceful objectives
and the peaceful means to achieve them.
May he support those people and organisations
who work for peace in violent situations.
Lord hear us.

3. We pray for people who are having problems
in their marriages or relationships.
May God’s love for us help them to find ways
of achieving a deeper love for each other.
Lord hear us.

4. Let us pray for all the sick of our parish community,
May the Lord ease their pain, comfort their anxiety
and bring them to greater understanding of his love for them.
Lord hear us.

We ask Mary, who interceded at Cana, to pray for us.
Hail Mary

Let us pray for a few moments in the silence of our hearts.

Priest: Father, we ask you that,
just as your son turned the water into wine,
you transform our good intentions into deeds.
We make our prayers in the name
of the same Christ our Lord

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