2nd Sunday of Advent 10th December 2006

Priest: Let us offer our prayers to God who desires all humanity
to see and know the salvation that he offers.

Reader: 1. Let us pray for the whole Church, that Christians everywhere may,
by the power of the Holy Spirit, live up to their baptismal calling
to help spread the Good News. (pause)
Lord in your mercy.. .

2. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem;
may this holy city of three faiths be blessed,
and may all the children of Abraham learn to live together
in peace and harmony. (pause)
Lord in your mercy...

3. Let us pray for all doctors, nurses,
and those whose task it is to care for the sick and the wounded;
may God give them sensitive hands and compassionate hearts. (pause)
Lord in your mercy. . .

4. Let us pray for the young people in our diocese,
especially in its parishes and schools,
that they may feel encouraged to play an active part in the life of the Church. (pause)
Lord in your mercy.

May Mary, the one filled with the Holy Spirit, join her prayers with ours as we pray, Hail Mary. .

In a moment of silent prayer let us bring our own personal intentions to the Lord.

Priest: Father, bless us with an understanding of your ways,
and strengthen us in times of doubt.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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