1st Sunday of Advent 3rd December 2006

Intercessions 1st Sunday of Advent 3rd December 2006

Priest: As we stand ready for the coming of the Lord,
let us offer prayers to God who guides the humble in the right path.

Reader: 1. Let us pray for Archbishop Vincent, and his auxiliary bishops,
Philip, David, and newly appointed Bishop William;
May the Lord bless and empower them to lead our diocese
with courage and deep faith. (pause)
Lord in your mercy. . .

2. Let us pray for the leaders of all nations,
that they may serve their peoples by working for a just and peaceful world.
We think especially of those whose countries are torn by war and famine (pause) Lord in your mercy. . .

3. We pray for those who suffer depression,
for those in despair and for those who see no meaning or purpose in life. May the Lord help them to discover the wonder of themselves
and all creation, and the eternal destiny of all things. (pause)
Lord in your mercy. . .

4. Let us ask the Lord to bless the sick and housebound of our parish
that they may experience God's love in a new and deeper way this Advent. (pause) Lord in your mercy...

We ask Mary, who pondered God's Word in her life, to join her prayers with ours as we pray, Hail Mary.. .

In a moment of silent prayer let us bring our own personal intentions to the Lord.

Priest: God our Father may the light of your truth enter our hearts,
that we may see more clearly what promise your coming holds out for us and have the courage to live our lives for you.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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