Third Sunday in Ordinary Time A : The Universal Prayer / Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time A



Christ, calls us to leave all behind and follow him. 

Let us now pray for the needs of the church and of the world:



We pray for Archbishop Bernard, and for all clergy and religious. May they always be true to their calling and fruitful in the work of leading the God’s people.

Lord, hear us.


We pray for the rulers of the nations and especially for the United States as a new Government begins its work. May the leaders of all peoples work together to establish hope, justice and equality for all.

Lord, hear us.


We pray for vocations to the priesthood, permanent diaconate and religious life. May the Holy Spirit guide the hearts and minds of those called by the Lord, and give them courage to commit their lives in his service.

Lord, hear us.


We pray for comfort and healing for the sick and those who care for them. May the loving call of the Lord lift from them all disenchantment and despair.

Lord, hear us.


We pray also for those departed from this life: 

that Christ the light of the world may draw all his people to new life and the fullness of redemption.

Lord, hear us.


We ask Our Lady, Mother of the Church, for her intercession, as we pray: Hail Mary…


We pause in silent reflection with our personal intentions.



Father, hear the prayers of your people. 

Grant us the strength and courage 

to be faithful to our calling.

We make these prayers through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

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