Third Sunday of the Year (C) Bidding Prayers


God hears the prayers of the poor and humble. Confident in his infinite goodness we pray. 


For the Pope, clergy and all who teach the Word of God:
that they will be supported and respected in their work of instructing the faithful.
Lord hear us.

For all Christian Churches
and especially the ministers and people of the Christian communities in this City:
by witnessing together to the Gospel of love and forgiveness
may the churches may be led to ever-greater unity in faith and life.

Lord hear us.

For those in the parish who most need to experience Christ's healing power:
that by our prayers, our encouragement and our example
they may have the humility and strength to approach him in the sacraments. 

Lord hear us.

For all those who have died, 
and for those whom we have been asked to pray: 

may the Lord give them a place at his banquet in heaven.
Lord hear us.

Let us join our prayers with those of Mary as we say: Hail Mary …

Let us now pray for a moment in silence.


Almighty God, Father of the poor, 
we thank you for all you have given us. 

Enable us, by your Holy Spirit, 

to be generous with others as you are generous with us.
We make our prayers through Christ our Lord.



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