32nd in Ordinary Time (Remembrance) : Bidding Prayers / Intercessions / Prayer of the Faithful

32nd Sunday of the Year (Remembrance)

Priest: We stand before God, poor in spirit, recognising our need of his help.


We pray that the Church will witness to the care of the poor in spirit, and be a place of welcome and hospitality for the poor of the world.
Lord, hear us.

For the leaders of nations that they will strive for justice and peace.
Lord, hear us.

For widows, widowers and orphans, for all broken families, and for any suffering from financial hardship and also for the agencies providing them with aid.
Lord, hear us.

For the members of the armed forces, for those who have been injured during conflicts, and for all who are helping them in their recovery.
Lord, hear us.

We pray for all who have departed this life, especially those who have died fighting for their country and given their lives for our safety and well-being: may they enjoy the everlasting happiness of heaven. Lord, hear us.

We ask Mary, Queen of Peace, to help us with our prayers as we say: Hail Mary ...

Let us pray for a moment in silence.


Almighty God, listen to our prayers and grant us your blessing through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen


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