Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (B): Intercessions / Bidding Prayers / Prayer of the Faithful


In a spirit of contrition we bring our needs to our heavenly Father.


Lord, we pray for our Holy Father, Pope Benedict, and for all the bishops and priests of your Church that they may exercise the ministry of reconciliation with compassion and understanding.
Lord in your mercy

Let us pray for all who are adversely affected by the downturn in the world's economy, particularly those who are unemployed. May they be patient and persevere as they strive to support those for whom they are responsible.
Lord in your mercy

We thank you for the gift of your love and mercy that overlooks our weaknesses, our failures, and our many sins. Strengthen us always, and open our hearts to the mystery of life and of your infinite love for us.
Lord in your mercy

Let us pray for all those who are sick, for those of our families, and for those who have asked for our prayers, that the Lord may guide them and strengthen them through their illness.  We pray also for those who care for the sick, those engaged in the caring professions and for family members who look after loved ones and especially for children who care for parents. 
Lord in your mercy

Lord, we pray for our dead who have received your healing sacrament in this life, May you greet them with love and mercy and grant them the happiness of your kingdom.
Lord in your mercy

Let us join our prayers with those of our mother Mary as we say..In the silence of our hearts we make our private petitions known to God.


Merciful Father, we ask you to answer all our prayers because we make them in faith, through Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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