Bidding Prayers / Intercessions for Lent 5


Let us turn to God, who led the people of Israel from slavery and who constantly calls us from death to new life, with all our needs.


Let us pray for the Church, that she may be a source of holiness, inspiration and guidance in a world where right values can often seem confused and compromised (pause) Lord in your mercy

Let us pray for all those who cry out of the depths in despair: the sick the lonely, the homeless, the unloved, the imprisoned, the depressed. May they experience the compassion of Christ and hear his call to come out of their tombs to breathe and love again

(pause) Lord in your mercy

Let us pray for ourselves. May all the defeats and setbacks of our daily lives, small and large, be turned into sources of life learning and wisdom (pause) Lord in your mercy

As the trees start to burst into leaf, may we be more aware of the beauty of God’s creation which is constantly renewing itself. May we act as worthy stewards of our world, treading lightly, reverently and considerately as we go about our daily tasks.

(pause) Lord in your mercy

Let us pray for all those who have died. As they lived in the hope of Christ, may they now find forgiveness and eternal rest, face to face with Christ our saviour

(pause) Lord in your mercy

Let us turn to Mary our mother to intercede for us as we say - Hail Mary.

In silence, let us bring our own intentions to God, the almighty Father.


God our Father, your Son Jesus wept for his friend Lazarus. May he hear the prayers we now make to you in his Holy Name. We ask this through the same Christ our Lord.

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