Bidding Prayers for the Epiphany


The Epiphany marks the revelation of the infant-king to the whole world.  We turn now to God our Father in love and faithfulness and ask him in his mercy to hear the voice of his people gathered here together in prayer:


We pray for the church; Pope Benedict, Bishops, Priests, Religious and laity. May we all be a light shining out in the darkness and faithful heralds of the Christmas message so that all may come to experience the love and mercy of the Lord.     (pause) Lord, in your mercy

We pray for those who lead and govern the nations of this world. May your Holy Spirit, like the star that guided the Wise Men, guide them to be wise in their judgements and honest in all that they do, so that injustice, fear, hatred and oppression may give way to peace and harmony                                                                    (pause) Lord, in your mercy,

We pray for a strengthening in our own faith as we start a new year. May we, like Mary the Mother of God, treasure and ponder daily the gospel message and be active in our daily lives as witnesses to your promise of hope and love for all.   (pause) Lord, in your mercy,

We pray that as today we celebrate the Epiphany of our Lord, we may, like the Wise Men, eagerly continue our personal faith journeys and recognise that the true path to salvation lies in following the ways of the Lord.                                 (pause) Lord, in your mercy,

We pray for those who serve God through their work with others, for all who care for the sick, the dying and the bereaved; for those who work for justice and peace; for those who give support to the lonely and troubled; that they, and those whom they serve, may continue to experience your love and compassion.                (pause) Lord, in your mercy,

We pray for those who have died and those whose anniversaries occur at this time, that they may share the light, happiness and peace of your presence and that we who are left may enjoy the consolation of your tender love and mercy.    (pause) Lord, in your mercy,

We pray together with Mary, Mother of the child Jesus, as we say: Hail Mary…

Let us pray quietly for our own personal intentions.


Heavenly Father, you called us out of darkness into the wonderful light of Christ your Son, the light for the whole world. We ask you to hear our prayers and make manifest your Kingdom on earth, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Bidnloot said...

Even if we win the bid, I feel we will eventually have to close. It is impossible to operate with these financial restraints.