Bidding Prayers/Intercession for 3rd Sunday of Lent (Lent 3)

Intercessions 3rd Sunday of Lent 15th March 2009

Priest: God our Father, you give us just laws
but the world is filled with lack of justice.
We turn to you with our needs and prayers.

Reader: 1. We pray for the Church that Christians may live according to their baptismal commitment, and through their holiness,
bring others to know God's unconditional love for them.
(Pause) Lord in your mercy.

2. We pray for the many places in our world that are fractured
and divided by race, language or culture.
May all peoples recognize each other as brothers and sisters.
(Pause) Lord in your mercy.

3. We pray for lawmakers throughout the world.
May they enact laws that are just and which respect the gift of human life, especially for the rights and dignity of the unborn, the sick and the elderly.
(Pause) Lord in your mercy...

4. We pray for our parish community.
May Lent enable us to be truly reconciled to each other
and to God through faith, hope and love.
(Pause) Lord in your mercy...

May Mary, Mother of the Church join her prayers to ours as we pray. Hail Mary...

Let us pray for a few moments in silence

Priest: Father,
we thank you for the gift of your Son as the Saviour of the world.
We ask you to answer our prayers
and give us a share in your life for ever and ever.
We make our prayers in the name of the same Jesus Christ our Lord.

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