Advent Sunday (December 2nd 2007)


Advent has begun; 
we ask the Lord to help us to prepare well for the coming of Jesus


For the Church throughout the world: 
that it may grow in appreciation of all that the Incarnation means for us. 
Lord, hea us. 

For those who serve in the armed forces, 
particularly in situations of danger:
that they may be patient and hopeful in times of stress and anxiety. 
Lord, hear us. 

For the sick, the sad and the disheartened: 
that the season of Advent may bring the renewed hope. 
Lord, hea us. 

For carers who look after loved ones who are terminally ill: 
that they may find strength, courage and consolation in their difficult task. 
Lord, hear us

Let us ask Our Lady to pray for us. Hail Mary ... 

Let us pray for a moment in the silence of our hearts. 


as yet another Advent begins, 
we pray that we may enter the holy season in spirit of joyful expectation 
and do all we can to be ready for the coming of the Lord, 
through the same Christ our Lord. 

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