Sixth Sunday of Easter 13th May 2007

Priest: The risen Christ has sent us his spirit
so that we may play our part in the salvation of the world. With this in mind, we pray for all the needs of the Church and the world and for ourselves that we may live lives of grace.

Reader: 1. We pray for the Church, for the Pope,
bishops, priests, religious and people,
that we may all be so guided by the Holy Spirit
that the Church can continue to proclaim
the good news of true peace for our world.
Lord hear us

2. We pray for all those who have power in world affairs.
May they seek not only to avoid war between nations,
but through laws based on human rights and dignity,
lay the foundations of lasting world peace.
Lord hear us

3. We pray for lasting peace in Northern Ireland.
Lord hear us

4. We pray for the people of this area
that they may be able to work together to achieve economic, cultural, social and spiritual development.
Lord hear us

5. We pray for a spirit of renewal in our parish community.
We ask the Holy Spirit to transform our lives
with his joy, hope and peace.
Lord hear us

May Mary, Queen of peace, be our example in obedience to the Holy Spirit. Hail Mary..

We pray in silence for all our needs,

Priest: Father, we place all our trust in you
that you will guide and bless us
through the power of your Spirit.
We make our prayers in the name of Jesus Christ your Son.

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