5th Sunday of the Year 4th February 2007

5th Sunday of the Year 4th February 2007

Priest: God our Father sent his only son, Jesus Christ,
on his mission of love and reconciliation.
We ask the Lord for the grace
to respond to his call in our daily lives.

Reader: 1. We pray for missionaries in the Church
that there may be workers to be sent into the harvest,
to preach the gospel to everyone
and bring the life of grace to those
who have not heard of Christ.
Lord hear us

2. Let us pray for people who try to achieve their aims through intimidation and violence.
May their minds and hearts be enlightened.
We pray for their victims in their suffering.
Lord hear us

3. We pray for Catholic schools and colleges in this country and for all who teach and learn in them.
May they be centred on the Gospel
and play an active role in evangelisation.
Lord hear us

4. We pray for all Christians who take their faith for granted and have grown lukewarm in their calling.
May they, like Peter, be brave enough to try again
and resume their service of the Lord
in a spirit of renewed hope.
Lord hear us

Let us turn to Our Lady with our needs. Hail Mary …

Let us pray for a few moments in silence.

Priest: Father, we responded to your call in baptism,
May we now live out the challenge of your invitation
to be living examples of the presence of your word
in the world.
We ask this in the name of Jesus your son

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